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We believe in the importance of physical activity and the development of a child’s mind and body through play. A jungle gym is a great way to achieve this in a way that is also fun, as they allow children to develop and enhance their natural skills with confidence. Buddies Playgyms creates beautiful wooden jungle gyms, either standard or custom built for a special spot in your garden - in a tree or free standing, or tucked away in your child's favourite garden corner. Our play gyms allow children to explore their potential and live out their fantasy world with lots of fun during the important developing years.

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We assure you of the best quality and service. All wood used for our jungle gyms is pre-treated with SABS approved Tanalith and sealed with an oil-based sealant after installation. Great care has been taken to make Buddies Playgyms as safe as possible. All platform wood is sanded or planed for a smooth finish to ensure no splinters. We do not use nails on the main structure, only on platforms and ramps.

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Our workmanship sets us apart from the rest. For all your jungle gym requirements, please contact us today.